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Class Descriptions

We have a variety of class options for every level of fitness and every degree of fun!

Check out the Class Descriptions below. Then choose what is best for you.

Not sure? Just talk with any of our instructors. They will guide you to the right choices.



45 & 60 minute classes

The Foundation for All of Our Barre Classes


Looking for a highly efficient workout?


All SIGNATURE BARRE classes are founded in our roots: total body, low impact, and form focused, using elements of ballet and pilates strength building and yoga stretchES to create a highly efficient workout. 


SIGNATURE BARRE classes target your major muscle groups through functional movement contractions allowing for a balance of strength and flexibility work. In SIGNATURE BARRE classes you will perform dynamic movements with just a few props (free weights, ball, sliders) and your own body weight to build long lean muscles. Core work is strategically threaded throughout each section of class to help keep your abs and alignment in primary focus. The SIGNATURE BARRE classes are designed with you in mind: they are barre classes that you can do for life. 


New to Inspire East Cobb or barre in general? We suggest starting with SIGNATURE BARRE classes to learn the fundamentals of our form, posture, and terminology.


Experienced barre devotee? You, too, will also benefit from SIGNATURE BARRE classes because they are a great opportunity to reinforce your attention to alignment and movement patterns while developing a meaningful connection with your instructor and our community 



45 & 60 minute classes

Advanced Class | We Suggest Starting with SIGNATURE Classes

Looking to focus on strength work?


Our Strength classes are geared to build muscular endurance by concentrating on engaging your major muscle groups under a sustained time of tension. You will focus on the same muscle group (legs, glutes, abs, shoulders, etc…) multiple times through a variety of

motions and movements to keep both your mind and your body guessing! This class is more advanced due to flow of pace and amount of time under muscular tension. Beyond free weights, we will also use resistance bands and sliders to help challenge your muscles and efficiently reshape your body.


If you are a runner, cyclist, or yogi this class can be especially essential to help you build even more power and muscular explosiveness. 




45 & 60 minute classes

Our Most Advanced Class | We Suggest Starting with SIGNATURE Classes

If you are looking to improve your cardiovascular endurance through low impact, yet explosive moments this class is for you! BARRE BURST is our fastest paced class. It transitions quickly between upper and lower body exercises to elevate your heart rate and increase your metabolic capacity. BARRE BURST encompasses the moves you love from SIGNATURE BARRE and amplifies them with a bigger range of motion and speed to make them even more impactful for your cardio workout.

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Strength and Conditioning Interval Class - Open to All Levels


HABITS is designed to help you build a strong foundation of fitness habits. In this interval-based training class you’ll use free weights, resistance bands, and sliders to challenge and build your muscles.


Classes vary between full body, lower body, upper body, and cardio with core work threaded throughout.  There is a strong emphasis on intention, form, repetition and - of course - fun. 

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Open to all Levels

POWER VINYASA YOGA is a dynamic, energizing and inspiring style of yoga that links breath and movement. You will enjoy a continuous flow, deepen your breath while working to improve balance, flexibility, and core strength.


Enjoy the benefits of Power Vinyasa in mentality and physicality.

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