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Our members tell our story best

Going to my Inspire Classes is a priority in my life. Not only is it beneficial for my physical being, it is also for my mental health! Each and every instructor is amazing who lead killer classes that leave you feeling happy and energized! They will help correct your form so that you will really feel the burn! And lastly, I look so forward to seeing my friends who are so loving and supportive in the classes! We are like one big family participating in so many community social gatherings! All in all, it is a “feel good” place!  

Judy S


I feel stronger, healthier, clearer (in my wonky head) and happier. Y'all are the happiest place in East Cobb.

Sarah F


I LOVE Inspire. They’re great about meeting you on your level. I primarily take barre classes, but recently added yoga and will take Habits (HIIT) when I’m in the mood.

Sara G

Inspire is so much more than the name of a studio, it's what this team does for me on a daily basis. They continue to motivate, strengthen and educate me, all for which I couldn't be more grateful. Happy first birthday Inspire, KEEP...IT...UP!

Stephanie C


I want to thank the incredible Inspire team, for all the love, energy, dedication and commitment to helping all of us continue on our path of wellness and strength. Even though I take the recorded classes I feel like I am part of this team. From the bottom of my heart thank you thank you thank.

June D

I love working out at Inspire!  The instructors are all challenging, motivating and fun, and bring their own unique personality to the classes.  One thing they all share in common is their workout knowledge and inspiration to keep us all aiming towards our best selves.  It is also a warm community and many friendships have been formed amongst all of us. This makes it different than most gyms because, not only do you get a challenging workout, but there are also opportunities to join book club, movie or craft nights, or drinks outside the studio. I also love that there are a variety of classes offered, such as yoga, circuit/weight training and barre. I always look forward to my workout and catching up with my workout friends and the instructors.  Carson and Kelli had a great vision and we are all thankful for this unique studio.  

Jane F


Inspire is awesome and this review is long overdue. I've taken 300+ classes with them in the year since they opened, mostly live via zoom. The group of instructors is the best of the best. They are all knowledgeable, friendly, engaging and they care! The classes are super challenging and fun, they keep me fit and they energize me! It's the way I like to start my day. I can't say enough good things about this place!

Roy B


I’ve been taking classes virtually with Inspire for almost a year. The classes and instructors are wonderful and keep me coming back for more! I love the supportive community and highly effective workouts.

Rheanna B


Inspire Fitness & Wellness is not just a fitness studio, it's a true community. The instructors care about you and your fitness journey, ready to support you and make accommodations that take your physical limits into account. My online membership is just as inclusive as members stepping into the studio. I get shout-outs during class to keep me motivated, modifications for equipment, and can participate in all the studio challenges from my home. This is a very special place!

Susan B


I have been taking workout classes for years, and Inspire is truly one of top fitness studios I have had the privileged to attend! I absolutely love the variety of barre, strength training, yoga, and hybrid classes, and truly look forward to coming into the studio each week! The option for online classes is a definitely a game-changer for me personally as well, since I currently live about 20 minutes from the studio. The attention to members and their personal fitness journeys is unmatched, and I’m so proud to be a founding member!

Kayla B


I never thought I would be one of those people who work out from home; I need someone to push me and urge me to challenge myself and to make it interesting. I have now found that at Inspire. Started last year, Carson welcomed us “orphans” whose studios had closed and immediately made us feel welcome. (She even came to Virginia to teach us in person and get to know us, which I think we all appreciated!) Carson and her staff make those of us online feel included, encouraging us and correcting us so we can get the most benefit of the workout. I can’t imagine teaching both in-person and online students, but all of the teachers are masters of doing both. Sometimes when they call out names, I have no idea if that person is online or in the room. What I love about the classes is that they are always new; they don’t follow the same pattern every time, which I think makes them go faster and makes them more interesting and challenging. Carson is always incorporating new exercises to keep our muscles guessing and developing. And I love Habits. It is completely different than the barre classes and is always a challenge. One of the biggest changes I’ve seen over the last year is that my lower back pain has essentially disappeared, likely because my core is stronger and I’m incorporating more strength/weight work and stretching. Lastly, having an online library of recorded classes allows me to take classes when I want; even though there aren’t live classes every day at 6am, I can always take a class at that time, keeping me more consistent. Carson and the whole team are truly Inspiring!

Jenn B


I have nothing but positive things to say about Inspire and the community it created. I feel like every time I go to Inspire, either the instructors or its members inspire me in various aspects of my life.

Jamanda T


I LOVE Inspire!! Though I am a virtual client, I truly feel part of the community. I am motivated to take classes live and not just a replay because of the way the instructors make me feel included in the class and the support from the online group taking with me. The variety of the classes and the energy brought by the instructors makes working out so fun and creates a unique and enjoyable experience. The online engagement is so awesome, because you can see the support these individuals have for one another. Plus there are conversations and activities happening beyond just taking classes, which I love. I am so thankful there is an online experience to be part of Inspire, because I truly look forward to being part of this for years to come. THANK YOU!!!!

Erika C


I have the continued pleasure of working with Carson, Sarah (who was my original in-person instructor), Jessica, Kat, Kelli and so many more! I'm not located in the East Cobb area and take classes virtually, but I feel the strength of this community just like I'm there (and hope to visit someday!)

I started taking barre classes about 4 years ago at a local studio. I loved the classes so much because I could do the workouts and feel successful. Then the pandemic hit and everything shut down. Fortunately, the classes were able to move online. Unfortunately, my local studio had to shut down. Enter Inspire! I was able to join this wonderful community online. Even though I have never met the instructors in person, I feel I know them from our interaction online. They are so encouraging and motivating! They make me want to be stronger and work harder. And just as important are my fellow students who encourage me as well as each other. I truly feel a part of this wonderful community and it really does INSPIRE!  

Janet H


Happy 1st Birthday to Inspire East Cobb. Thanks to Carson and Kelli for putting together a great team of instructors. I typically take classes in the evening after work. I also take morning weekend classes. When I walk in the door I am welcomed by the instructor and look forward to the next 45 minutes. Coming to class is my favorite part of my day, and each instructor encourages me to do my best. I have enjoyed the addition of yoga classes which is helping me with my strength and balance. Having the option to take classes from home is very convenient. Come and join us and be part of the Inspire Community.

Linda H


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